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Handel’s Messiah on YouTube

There are many good recordings and videos of Messiah.  These are some of my favorites.  You can either go to YouTube and enter the titles or simply Google it and go to the site.


(1) BBC Documentary: Messiah at the Foundling Hospital - A very interesting and informative history of Messiah.


(2)  Messiah Staged Version - Although not everyone’s cup of English tea, this is a fascinating modern staging and well worth watching.


(3)  Handel’s Messiah - Sir Colin Davis and London Symphony Orchestra

A great performance with modern instruments and tuning.


(4)  Handel’s Messiah Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music - A magnificent performance in true Baroque Era style with authentic instruments and tuning.


Various Sites and Choral Ensembles

These can also be found by entering the information on YouTube or Google.


(1)  Netherlands Bach Society - This is a truly magnificent organization that is performing and recording everything J.S. Bach wrote.  It includes instrumental works as well as choral music.  This is my current absolute favorite place for the music of Bach.


(2)  The Sixteen with Harry Christophers - This is a wonderful professional chorus and all their performances are worth hearing.


(3)  The Arnold Schoenberg Choir - Another world-class professional chorus and well worth hearing.


(4)  Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts - Although not specifically choral music, these 24 presentations from the 1960’s are amazing and worth watching to learn about music from a master teacher.

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